En todo lo que hacemos, creemos en el cambio del status quo.

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  • El arte es la historia de las calles que nunca muere


¿Por qué camisetas?

ALACIMA comenzó con una idea: la camisetas pueden ser una excelente plataforma para comunicar valores positivos. Una camiseta de diseño, orgánica y ética otorga a la persona que la lleva un inmenso orgullo además de crear nuevas oportunidades de empleo.

Aquí es donde sucede la magia. Si tienes una idea impresionante para un diseño, ponlo aquí. Imagínate que podría terminar vendiéndose como un producto real que la gente de todo el mundo pueda tener!

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Wear the World

Wear the World



¿Qué es ALACIMA?

ALACIMA es algo más que un ecommerce. ALACIMA es algo más que una marca de moda ecológica. ALACIMA eres tú. En ALACIMA creemos que el trabajo lo cambia todo.

Para nosotros, en ALACIMA, crear prendas de vestir es también un medio de hacer del mundo un lugar mejor. Fusionamos nuestro producto con un diseño moderno y mensajes maravillosos para que personas como usted salgan a la calle y los comparta. Diviértete, difunde nuestro mensaje y ayuda a otras personas. Everything counts.

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Celebra tu cumpleaños de una manera especial. Haciendo del mundo un lugar mejor. Porque tú eres especial.

¿Qué puedes hacer por las personas sin empleo?

Podrías plantearte un pequeño reto para contribuir a que las personas tengan más oportunidades de empleo.

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Tee art

Camisetas sostenibles y de comercio justo con diseños únicos proporcionados por artistas locales comprometidos con un mundo mejor.


Cada camiseta de alacima lleva una historia. Trabajamos con socios locales para crear oportunidades de empleo. Y cada vez que terminamos un proyecto, lo probamos.

Wear the World

Para un momento. Abre tus ojos, oídos, tus sentidos... tu corazón. Wear the World!

Cuéntanos tu historia
Cuando alguien te pregunte, hazle saber que estás colaborando para la creación de efectos positivos e influyendo a otros a pensar en nuevas formas en la que las empresas pueden mejorar la vida y el mundo que nos rodea.

Sigue la actualidad con alacima

No es lo mismo de algodón, que de algodón orgánico. 26|06|2019
Conventional cotton is one of the products most consumed by the population, being present in dozens of everyday items such as, the towels we use to dry, the sheets where we sleep, thousands of clothes that we put on, products for newborns, etc. . This cotton is exposed in its face of production and cultivation to many toxic products, such as pesticides and insecticides. This makes cotton a material with certain micro-substances that can directly or indirectly harm our health and the environment.Organic agriculture means that cotton becomes a product free of chemical substances, all production phases have an exquisite control to free the manipulation and production of cotton from external inputs that may harm the product and the environment itself.However, it is necessary that organic cotton be certified by independent and external entities to guarantee the traceability of the production process. For this reason, Alacima like many other entities rely on the GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard) guaranteeing that at least our garments contain 95% certified organic fibers.Your health and ours are the most important goal!Shop at:https://alacima.org/shop/es/
Una historia muy especial 06|06|2019
Our beginningsIn collaboration with a Moroccan association formed by a workshop of women with difficulties to enter the working world (Wom3n), we have created clothing with social sense.Since we started this project we have promoted the art and local culture of our land, but we believe that this collaboration was necessary for the creation of handcrafted garments.When we speak of beginnings ... we must say that these are indeed our beginnings, that we have had our first collaborations and until today we have not been able to make it possible.A few months ago we returned to these garments in order to label them and donate them to those who need them the most.So today we are here ... telling this little story to become accomplices of our social project.We want to donate all these garments to WHO NEEDS IT the most.HELP US TO DONATE THEM ... ask for one ... two or three pieces ... we will give them ENCHANTED, but yes ... you must DONATE to those who really need it. (PROHIBITED YOUR SALE).You could ask ...Why are not donations directly related to an association that is dedicated to this type of project? and the answer we have is ...We want to donate it for four reasons:1. We want to promote social awareness in young people.2. We do not want to leave for tomorrow what we can do today, even though today we can not help the whole world.3. It is not the same to donate 100 garments to a single organization, or donate 100 garments to 100 people who may need it.4. We do not want to profit from them, nor to profit from them.5. If someone has an organization that is committed to the project, we are open to listening.From here we want to thank our entire community, the Wom3n association for making this project possible, and the dressmaker Asun Galvez  who from the minute one who knew our history to help us.One and a thousand thanks to everyoneInstagram: @boalacimaFacebook: /boalacimaTwitter: @boalacima
Camiseta con Mensaje Social 03|06|2019
Alacima started with the idea that T-shirts are an excellent means to communicate positive values ​​of society. A shirt of great quality and with great ethical values ​​differentiated by its social value.

 For us to create clothing is a means to mobilize the world, to create a better world..#Weartheworld All the profits obtained with the sales of the shirts are destined to social projects since they sensitize us the problems that affect the world and the current society. Our products are designed to raise awareness and generate a great sense of belonging. For all this and a thousand other things, we want to make known not only our projects, but also yours, your history, your artistic life if necessary, because art belongs to everyone. Go to  http://alacima.org/starthistory  Today we would like you to meet the authors of the design of the Birds collection of the great artist manomatic, this group of artists who call themselves Hello, why they have done a great job of Cuaticomía and corrosion in Azul. SEEING IS BELIEVING! so we leave you this sentence and the link where you can see how they define their great work with which we will always be grateful. "This is one of those jobs in which it is necessary to know how to handle both prepress and print, knowing both techniques can make very interesting things, and that we still have our whole life ahead of us.News: http://holaporque.com/site/print/content_pieces/117?fbclid=IwAR1PN_w_2zCvAbTtijsiRDz4_wBpmUdXSOdTfWE4hgGH35lRwp7s-JnJ5qM


Thank You

Exposición Treinta 23|05|2019
 Until June 14, 2019 you can visit the Casa Colón de Huelva and visualize the new concept presented as ExpoTreinta. In addition, on May 30 could have a guided tour from 19 hours, a charge of the commissioner. This is a new concept that revolves around the number 30, has samples of the following artists: Fernando Alonso Muñoz, María Luisa Beneytez, Alejandro Bombín, Manu Bru, Verónica Bueno Salgado, Fran Cabeza, Ángeles Cadel, Diego Cerero Molina, José Corento, Agus Díaz Vázquez, Carlos Dovao, Almudena Fernández Ortega, Inma Fierro, Daniel Franca, Andrés Gabarres, Helí García, Tomás Justicia, Laura López Balza, Isabel Moreno, Lara Pintos, Eduardo Query, Susana Ragel, Cristina Ramírez, Laura Ríos, Eva Rodríguez Góngora, Julia Santa Olalla, Iker Serrano Robles, Leonor Solans, Erick Alcántara (The Unlaw) and Cristina Vela. The protagonism and the great applause of congratulations are dedicated to these great artists, and both we and them, we are grateful for a visit for all his works. More information: http://huelva24.com/art/125942/varias-empresas-onubenses-actuan-de-micromecenas-en-la-exposicion-treinta