• Employment changes everything.

    Access to safe, productive and fairly remunerated work is a key vehicle for individuals and families to gain self-esteem, a sense of belonging to a community and a way to make a productive contribution.

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  • Wear the World.

    Let your T-shirt be the medium through which you convey your message to the world.

  • Transparency.

    Every Alacima T-Shirt has a story.


Why tees?

ALACIMA began as an idea: the creation of message tees could be a excellent platform to communicate positive values. By fashionable, sustainable, organic and ethic tees that gave the person wearing them immense proud, we are also creating great employment opportunities.

This is where the magic happens. If you've got an awesome idea for a design, submit it here. Imagine it could end up for sale as a real product that people all around the world can have!

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¿What's ALACIMA?

We are more than an ecommerce. We are more than eco-fashion brand. ALACIMA's products are designed to provide employment opportunities.

For us here at ALACIMA, creating great clothing is also a means of making the world a better place. We took this wonderful product combining excellent modern design with great messages and converted it into clothing for you!!! So have fun, spread our message, help others and be proud that you are making the world a better place. Every little bit counts.

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What will you do for employment opportunities?

You can do a little thing for employment opportunities.


Tee art

Sustainable and fair trade T-shirts with unique designs provided by local artists committed to a better world.


Every ALACIMA T-Shirt has a code. We work with local partners to build employment opportunities. And every time we complete one project, we prove it.

Wear the World

You have to get quiet. You have to open our eyes, erars, nose… your senses... and then, your heart. Really do something.

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Lanzamiento 11|28|2016
Muy pronto sabréis más acerca de este proyecto. Wild Welva, Último Mono, Alacima. Diseño, sostenible, ético... Pero podéis saber más en https://vimeo.com/193349431